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be sold. be doing so. >> thank you, caroline. on he u.s. is clamping down tax evasion. urged to s are being participa participate. we have all the details. been talking about it. this could be the end of the ing -- bingeing. >> we are at the turning point they the americans believe $100 billion. u.b.s.. has gone after the department of justice saying you notice,ve given we want you on board and go for voluntary disclosures in terms names of people that you have helped evade taxes and swiss saying guys get on board with this program because don't you potentially face criminal investigation and fines. that s one way of jumping and staying in the u.s. and saying to the authorities look, numbers the names and and it definitely has had an impact. in terms of u.s. assets overseen byswiss banks it has dropped 70% and the americans said yeah swiss bank account and the amount of money. >> this is the disclosure. saying i think you should comply now otherwise they say spying. 14 banks are already involved in criminal investigation and go to the after you sites so you have credit suisse, h
minister , said that people are exempt from the tax. that is not true. will the deputy prime minister apologize and put the record straight? >> the honorable lady talks about standing up to better interests. this in the week that we discovered that the great courage of the later leadership -- of the labor leadership to stand up to the trade union -- >> order. this house should be the bastion of free speech. neither the deputy prime minister nor the learned lady must be shouted down. we will keep going with this session as long as it takes for proper order to be observed. the deputy prime minister. >> it should be the bastion of political parties free of vested interest. it is high time that the labor leadership do it they say and stand up to their trade unions. >> i suggest that he leave it up to us to leave it to our party members, especially as so many of them used to be his. given that for over 90% of people hit by the bedroom tax, there just is not a smaller property for them to move to. what would he have them do? >> under her government, for 13 years, housing benefits had people
, more spending, and more taxing. that is what would drive up interest rates, that is what would hit the cost of living and that is what every family in this country should dread. >> order. >> you're been watching prime minister's questions. question time cares on c-span2 every wednesday. again on sunday night at 9:00 p.m. eastern on c-span. you can watch anytime at c- on the next washington journal, what to expect from afternoon fixes. scott wilson joins us. health careon state exchanges and online enrollment compared to the federal exchange. in recognition of the 150th anniversary, a discussion about the law and dealing with whistleblowers and its effectiveness. plus, your calls, e-mails and tweets on "washington journal" on c-span. social media is an old idea. we think it is recent and only people alive today have done it. there's a very long and rich tradition of social media that goes back to the late roman republic. that is first century bc in the point is you do not need a digital network to do social media. you could actually do it in your own face. c
about people at the top that have gotten much of the wealth? should we be taxing them more? >> that's a very important part. now if you look at estate taxes over the last ten years it has been on the decline. because the government has allowed wealthy government to pass more and more of their income on to their children and grandchildren. so that's a big issue. a lot of people in the top 10 of 1%, her not getting a paycheck, a lot of them are getting from investment returns. one thing about that is capitol gains taxes, taxed at a lower rate. and also if you look at wall street, and what's happening, in the dough jones and the s&p 500, you will see a lot of those returns are doing incredibly well. >> is there one thing that people at the middle income, or low income levels can do to dig themselves out? >> that's a great question. we focus on the individual, the one thing we really believe is that individuals have a tremendous power, to change their financial futures. if they just follow certain steps. everyone has a different story, things like living within their means. things that
figure. we are way out of line with countries like france and germany where taxes are much lower. at this stage of the economic recovery, small and medium-sized businesses need cash. they could bust because of lack of cash. it really needs reforming. >> let's talk about small and medium enterprises. what does this institution find here -- need to do to give suffrage to the small and medium enterprises? it needs to be frozen and then reviewed. these smes also need to have access to finance. fillre trying to for orders from overseas, often turning the down because they can't get the working capital. what they need is a business bank. capital ratherve than having to rely purely on equity. other countries have a business bank. the united states, canada, france, italy, germany has a fantastic business bank. very very important. >> we talk about the small and enterprises, the ability to pay taxes is critical. what additional support would hear?ke to do you really think he is going to give you anything in this statement? >> i would hope he would, but the export support area is a critica
, more spending, and more taxing are exactly the things that got us into this mess in the first place, and he remains committed to each and every one. >> i will tell you what is the con, mr. speaker. it is saying one thing before the election and another thing as prime minister. here is what the hon. member for richmond park said about him. he likes reading out tweets, so listen to this one. "if the pm can casually drop something that was so central to his identity, he can drop anything. #greencrap." that is this prime minister all over. the truth is that any action he takes on the cost of living crisis is because he has been dragged there kicking and screaming. on the cost of living crisis, he is not the solution -- he is the problem. nobody believes that he or his cabinet have any sense of the pressures facing the people of britain. >> i think everyone can recognise a collapse when they see one, and we just saw one right now. is it not interesting? the week before the autumn statement, and he cannot ask about the economy because it is growing, he cannot ask about the deficit because
from the bedroom tax. [shouting] that is not true. will be deputy prime minister apologize and put the record straight? [shouting] >> mr. speaker, the honorable lady talks about standing up to vested interest. this in the week that we discover that the great courage of the labour leadership that stand up for the trade union came after, guess what? guess what? maÑana, montana, maÑana. all too difficult. [shouting] >> order. this house should be the bastion of free speech. neither the deputy prime minister nor the lady must be shouted down and we will keep going with this session as long as it takes for proper order to be absorbed. the deputy prime minister. >> and drink if i may say so it should be the bastion of political parties free of vested interest. and it is high time, it is high time that the labour leadership do what they say and stand up the trade union paymaster. she should stand up to hers. >> harriet harman. >> well, mr. speaker, i suggest that you leave it up to us to worry about our party members, especially -- [shouting] especially as so many of them used to be yea
japanese companies can stay competitive under his policies. regarding the corporate tax starting next fiscal year, we decided to reduce by 2.4% and we will be moving forward with reviews and studies on how corporate tax should be in order for japanese companies to stay competitive. thee will have a more from exclusive interview throughout the program. >> ukraine. protesters have flooded the streets of the capital among speculation that the president is going to sign up to a russian trade bloc. david tweed is there. angela merkel must be keeping a close eye on that. >> i want to give you an idea on how much of the german media and political establishment -- i want to show the right side the newspaper. this is the picture on the front and is also on the front of several other national newspapers that the statue of lenin was toppled late last night. and then decapitated. this is a big issue for angela merkel. last week, the german foreign with the president will stop some of the opposition of the coalition is quite well known. he's a former world champion boxer. the interesting thing is
another massive package including more than $50 billion in spending to help offset sales tax hike. >>> mario draghi should be holding fire, despite the recent drop in inflation. investors eyeing the ecb's economic staff projections. >>> and i told you so. british chancellor george osborne may have reason to gloat. >>> and china's financial institutions are warning against trading bitcoins as the bank admits while there are risks, it could still use the currency. >> announcer: you're watching "worldwide exchange," bringing you business news from around the globe. hello. a warm welcome to the program. the government has just unveiled an $18.6 trillion yen stimulus package which includes 5.5 trillion yen in fresh spending measures. this is to offset the accuracy in the sales tax which is coming in in april which raises the rate effectively from 8% to 5%. it follows the unveiling of a 10.3 trillion package back in january. a number of measures will be expected as far as this package is concerned. particularly for those on the lower income as well. we will get those measures as soon as
tries to get fiscally and physically fit. will a tax on junk food and soda be a solution? it is not just for drinking and we will talk to a man who claims to have the best whiskey collection in the u.s.. why the drink could make a better investment than stocks. stay "in the loop." we're just getting started on this thursday. >> "in the loop" with betty liu will be right back. ♪ >> well, ford is unveiling the new mustang today at an event that some might call the latest evidence of a renaissance among detroit's automakers. a beautiful card. , and manufacturing in the u.s., but our next guest disagrees. he writes in his latest bloomberg view column economist gary shilling joining us. always rate to see you. see so, why are you so down? >> well, i am not down. taking up in is this country and there is this reassuring, if you will, coming back, but it is robotic- intensive. mean, robotic intensive -- workers are not being hired? >> that is right. the output per employee in manufacturing it is right back on trent, growing 3.5% a year. as a result, with the revival of manufacturing, t
to have a tax on every model? you have to have a license to use the radio and pay it to the government, and the government runs the government broadcast, the bbc. in america that didn't go down terribly well, so advertising was proposed. there was enormous opposition. oh, no, you're going to clog up radio, we're going to have to listen to ads. it's just like how people reacting to advertising on the internet or advertising on twitter, instagram, this is terrible. this is exactly what happened with radio and, of course, advertising did come in, and it turned out to be the way you sustain that model. so every soap operas and all the other sorts of things. but it's a very familiar debate for those of us who use the internet today. >> host: october 29, 1969, bob taylor, charlie klein and re hard kleinrock. what happened? >> guest: this is turning on the internet. they didn't realize it at the time, but they were establishing the first link in what grew to become the modern internet. and this was an experimental network at the time, and it didn't work. it crashed after two letters. so they
also look at closing special interest tax breaks to make sure that everybody is participating in trying to replace the sequester. we all know that the sequester is hurting the economy. the congressional budget office says it will result in 800,000 fewer jobs by this time next year, so we have to fix it, and we have to fix it in a balanced way. you have seen the reports and a lot of you have written about this. the proposals republicans have put forward as part of this income,go after middle middle-class taxpayers, and leave the highfliers alone. do they propose to do, for example? federalpose to go after peoplees, hard-working who have already taken it on the chin in terms of furloughs, the government shutdown and the sequester. want to, apparently, close a single loophole for private corporate jets, but they want to say to the traveling public, you should pay a higher airline passenger fee. we are not saying you cannot consider user fees. we find it odd that they would say they want to use airline passenger fees but not close pirate -- private corporate jet loopholes. at the same time
voted for me, i'm going to raise your taxes by a thousand dollars, $2,000, these are people making 25, $30,000 right out of college. he's imposed a huge tax increase. that's a raw deal for his biggest supporters. >> and a lot of them are unhappy with the nsa surveillance? >> younger people are more skeptical. they were evenly split on whether id ward snowden was a patriot or traitor. >> are they unhappy with the president? unhappy with obama care? are they moving to the republican party? or are they moving to an independent category? where are they going? >> it shows the biggest increase in the independents. if they're disillusioned, right now the young voters are more disillusioned than they were in 2009. so it's looking really bad for the democrats right now. >> are the democrats worried about this? do they see this as a real threat? >> they have to. this is absolutely crucial that these voters turn out and i think they just need, the only thing that they can do right now is turn to other issues. you're going to see a lot of other issues. the president's talking about the minimum wa
.looking at tax they are also not looking at significant cuts to medicare, security,or social which are areas republicans say needs to be done. instead we are looking at pretty small things and haggling over whether to have federal employees attribute more to their retirement -- employees contribute more to their retirement plans. thingse also looking at -- a spectrum that is going to be sold to telephone companies. they are looking at a small budget deal that would replace some of the sequester, the automatic spending cuts that were launched in 2011 as part of a but -- part of a different budget process. like can't there right now? why can't there be a grand bargain right now? caller: because republicans and democrats can't agree. all ryan, the chairman of the budget committee, and patty murray decided they were not going to go after the towels of the other party and just try to get something that was possible -- after all these failed budget agreements in the past, look we are not even going to go there this time. we are going to go for something much smaller. host: talking with ian swanson
pay taxes on it. >> and given the recipe to uncle sam? >> right. you have to turn over your rights to the recipe. >> but you didn't have to change the recipe? >> n. we don't want to change it. this is the best recipe in the whole world. we don't want to change it or mess up things. >> how do you characterize the success of the show? it's number one on tuesday nights. we can now drink liquor in public, unlike the flapper year when we first broke in the show, we could not serve liquor. now we can. how do you explain the success? >> we got the best maker here. >> and you were on the run, too. >> i was on the run. >> true. but there was an anxiety to the episodes. >> yes. >> you were rejected four times, right? what was the difference? >> the label was rejected a couple of times. some of the information. it's just the accountability. the government really wants to know exactly what's in that bottle. >> and they really want their tax money. when we watch the show, and it's great. it's really interesting. if i were a moonshiner, i'd be worried all the time that you'd get arrested. >> we
top an elaborate tax regime had a was aimed at extracting as much money from aid agencies as possible. there were fees that aid agencies were forced to pay. it ranged from $500 to $10,000 in some cases. and there were additional taxes levied on aid agencies. they ranged from individual projects. at the same time al-shabaab was able to apply a robust monitoring and supervising of aid agencies where they recruited recipients of aid to report on humanitarian workers. in the end one could argue that these activity versus saved lives on the part of humanitarian workers, but at the same time it became a source of revenue for al-shabaab. >> so what are you recommending from this report, from your research. >> reporter: well, one of the challenges that aid agencies face are the laws and counter terrorism regimes that exist in the west. if they're exposed they could be prosecuted for this. one of the recommendations in the report there needs to be a conversation about the intent of these laws. the intent of these laws was not to starve people to death. obviously it was to make sure money does
's accused of being under the influence of her brother. exiled former prime minister tax and housing tax is not wealth is in bangkok and he says protesters say that ministers concessions are too little too late. in terms of the protests to say they say this was not the final payment was on the road to victory for them than us the scene seems that coming through now and just been out there there's tens and tens of thousands of people out there on today's march and they say that they don't want just the dissolution of the house they say that at the current prime minister should not be in charge of any cats a coincident that governments and eighty two elections all and they say they won a total change of the natural system. they say they want appointed people's council and the cia a complete change the system they say it's been such a corrupted launched the in and minds by the end the political juggernaut started by as the brother of the current one is that sucks in sion was back in there the other two thousands. this nowhere does the minister go from here what options does she have. she c
or sub headline of this third quarter revised gdp from japan is also the anticipation of the sales tax increase. ahab these companies falling back on inventories in anticipation that people will pare back buying after that increase. it lacks you hit it right on the head. on one hand, they gave. with the other hand, they take away. they lay on the sales tax. that squelches consumption. what they need to do is become with theironsistent taxation policy and realtor reform instructional reforms in general. >> they are almost passing the buck on to japanese consumers. >> that has always been the issue. we hope that the consumer sort it out. i think they are on the right track. if the consumer is behind the policy is behind the government, you really want to get japan right. you do have some political will and national sense of purpose. it is a question of whether they will stop making the wrong decision. >> we have talked about japan, but there's a lot more to talk about come including china, thailand, and all the rest. stick around. we will talk about that. the, investors welcoming latest
to swiss banks. francine come over to you. >> the u.s. is clamping down on offshore tax evasion. asked buts are being on regulars to participate in a program with american authorities. manus cranny's here at the latest on the story. is this the end of swiss banking secrecy as we know it? >> definitely a turning point. the french and the u.k. all depended on the whistleblower case. with the u.s. goes up in legal battering ram you can be pretty sure the rest will follow. wars on the cards as a department of justice saying listen, you can have a waiver, you can have an exemption, you have to sign up. the regulator and switzerland is saying get on board, get over yourselves. there are 300 banks enough to make the decision with the to join in on a voluntary program with the disclose information or indeed run the risk of quite significant fines and prosecution. >> that is a concern. if you don't sign up now voluntarily, further down the line they could have huge fines. be excluded from doing business in the usa. that is a critical part of the story. >> thank you, manus cranny. brazil's regulators
. >> are you going to push for a decline? sales to encome tax and then have a bank where you have a bank and put in $3 trillion, $4 trillion? you know can you do that if you push for it. >> i wouldn't doing repatriation holiday. i'd reform our tax code, bring the down, wut the loopholes whuch do that, you get some transition revenue. you can put that in a grand barg en kb. >> wool see youneck month. >> good morning, everybody. happy friday. what a rally we've got going here. whatever happened to fierce of tapering? we got cyclical groups, the telecomes, health care, defensive groups. we're up right across the board, folks. it's been a very strong rally right at the open but not strong inform a mr. one guy said it threads the needle perfectly. people putting together a list of what the skmik news looks like this week. here's a look for the bulls, gdp numbers very strong overall. auto sales, over 16 million, the highest in six years here. october home sales were the highest since june 2008. highest in manufacturing, highest in two and a half years and cyber sales were up 20% on monday. >>
in 2008. if you gone out and said people who voted for me i'm going to raise your taxes by $1,000, $2,000. people making 25, $30,000 right out of college. effectively by making them pay more for healthcare is that tax increase. >> a lot not happy with the nsa surveillance. >> younger voters more skeptical of government surveillance it seems. division that a lot of people hadn't heard of edward snowden and evenly split whether he was a patriot or traitor among those who had heard of him. >> what does this mean to the democratic party? people unhappy with the president and unhappy with obamacare and don't like the nsa. are they moving to the republican party or independent or are they just staying home. >> biggest increase is independents. that's still bad news for the democrats. they need the base to turn out in 2014 and 2016. if they're dase luciened. right now young voters are more disillusioned than they were in 2009 before the historical republican wave in 2010. it's looking bad for the democrats right now. >> are the democrats worried about this? do they seem -- see this as a real
% to 10%? certainly. >> what about taxes? don't other aspects of tax reform like closing loopholes and changing the deductibility -- aren't they much more important for your business? >> that would be a material negative to our business. >> are you afraid of tax reform? >> no. the market will adjust. our business will go on. it is happen in places like germany and denmark. happened in places like germany and denmark. it will not be catastrophic for our business. would it be good? no, it would not be good, but i do not see it happening. it is an underpinning of the economy. achievea good way to that. >> let's talk about what you are doing in europe. you move from london to the u.s. 18 months ago. is that giving us a signal that the opportunities are here. no, i was 11 years in london and i wanted to raise my kids as americans. there are great opportunities in europe, but the u.s. is relatively more attractive because in your up you will have more volatility and lower growth. return -- youter ought to earn a better return in europe then the united states . being very selective. we ha
will be able to make those payment we've button it on the schedule but that's a subsidy but those tax dollars are going for that person. we'll have that going as a prosperity owner until the property is transferred to the city or the city can make those policy choices as well >> i just have one comment. there's something between having that commission now just saying hopefully, the commission will come up with something and clearly it hadn't happened in the past. i think there needs to be another venue with authority to actually solve help with some of the issues >> the only comment i'll make is, you know, it sounds like time is of the essence and with the respect of the community in san francisco their undergoing tremendous change and hunter point and mission and if we wait too long and i say we the collective >> i think there's time in between now and the actual transfer or whatever we decide to do to hold the hearing or get some community folks together to make recommendations or see for it that we're doing our duty to make sure that these properties are >> those depend on the timing of
and economic freedom. policies can be put in place, growth policies, tax cuts, corporate taxes being cut to get that growth going so everybody has an equal shot at prosperity. martha: let's take a look at some of these numbers. just verbally -- 1 per when asked what's the most important issue to you? 1% of the 18-29-year-olds thought that was important. jobs, unemployment rate, 7.3%. we note labor participation rate is historically low and continues to be so. americans on disability up three times since 1983. we throw more money at education, doug, than we have ever in the history of this country and we have seen what's happening to our test scores. i think the president is getting at the middle class. improving the state of the middle class. but i don't know raising the minimum wage and increasing early childhood education is the ticket. >> i think those are good things to do. i'm a democrat. but the issue is what monica came to at the end of her brief presentation. the answer is growing an economy to give everyone a chance to get ahead. the american people are angry there is no real chance to
's aimed at offsetting the sales tax in april. and the shanghai composite pulled further ahead. meanwhile, the hang seng index added 0.1%. elsewhere, south korea and australia both ended just a tad lower. as for individual stocks, chinese property stocks came under some pressure after the official china securities journal reported beijing may remove caps on property prices next year, replacing them with supply side indicators and concerns still linger over a potential property tax system. now for some outperformers, let's take a look at the region's apple suppliers, seeing a strong boost from hopes that china mobile may reach a deal with apple to offer iphones. some phone displaymakers, cameramakers and case suppliers rebounded some 5% in today's trade. back to you, karen. >> sixuan, thank you very much update. charles has been telling us about this u.s. cash flood that you're expecting. are you saying buy u.s. assets, buy u.s. equities in 20 s14? >> things probably weaken at the moment because a lot of guys made a lot of money this year and they want to cash in and make sure they get the
established a fast track law. the latest development law gives some very handsome tax relief and subsidies that can go all the way up to 50%, 55% of investment compared to the sector of the area. these are major and smaller changes that render the environment a lot friendlier and welcoming to international investors. >> he says the greek government is planning to develop a port near athens and turn it into a hub for ocean transport between europe and asia. >>> all right, that is going to wrap it up for biz tonight. let's get another check of the markets. >>> u.s. defense officials are preparing to dispatch a ship to help destroy syria's chemical weapons. they say they plan to test their system next month. officials from the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons and the united nations are overseeing the destruction of the weapons. they intend to dispose more than 1,000 tons of chemical agents by the middle of next year. they plan to transport the most hazardous substances out of the country by the end of this month to destroy them at sea. pentagon officials say two chemical p
and taxes in the race is a goal and six the unit added differences all differences. and that is the will to do that. without being overly self conscious about his bc don't go in camps makes the bunnies the rainbow nation would like to represent. it deals with real problems including racial prejudice from all sides. some think will be on top of the coast and how to deal with on a frequent basis so they say it's become less of an issue and posted on its africa. i o line is in english here are a handful hated the doctors the doctor and the can and that's exactly the point is that celebrate the fact that in europe in the number of european descent and pensions african and african descent the nineteen ninety one even knows some months now the final of the road the seeing the spring books to really chew on it and most of the symbolic moment ruby was then and some might say. still it's nice to know quite expensive if you put into history books to be celebrated next to him. there were delivered the message so the ones in africa and student twenty four weeks this was a semin
it gets r5789d they get those huge tax loans can be ramgdz and much of the affordable housing open hunters point hill hazed begun thorough those renovation so definitely we have to think about how we crack most of the stuff we deal with is houses but we haven't figured out how to deal with multiple housing yet. and i think this is really the best ways to a learn by reaching anti them in the community. i hope we can reach out to other folks and have more meetings outside of city hall. it's fairly mulch to learn a lot of parpz and i hope to continue to partner >> just two items i wanted to thank the viral staff who helped to plan this is set up it takes a lot of energy to do this outside of city hall thank you to geronimo. i want to say this as part of the commissioners report new business the san francisco climate action strategy is complete it's hot off the presses. yes. role role huge congratulations to the staff (calling names) many other staff but this is going to be something i assume will be agenda listed either at full commission but it's hot off the presses how to do everything cri
bargain -- >> it will not be the grand bargain. they will be looking at tax hikes, but not looking at significant cuts to medicare, medicaid, or for social security, which are areas republicans say need something to be done. they are looking at a pretty small thing, over whether to have a federal employees contribute more to their retirement plans. democrats are trying to keep them lower than republicans. getting looking at funds by selling a spectrum that will be sold to telephone companies. they are looking at a small touch deal that would replace some of the sequester, the automatic spending cuts that were launched in 2011. that was part of a different edge process. host: why can't there be such an desk something like a grand bargain? guest: the two parties can agree. are not willing to cut medicaid, and republicans are not willing to do tax hikes. paul ryan and patty murray basically decided that they were not going to go after the sacred cow of the other party. they were just going to it something that was possible, and they decided by looking at all these failed attempts in t
, you need to buy rape insurance. >> we believe that abortion is not health care and that tax dollars should not be going to pay to subsidize abortions. >> the people are dumbfounded that this is even before it at this point. >> some are calling it rape insurance. michigan may ban abortion coverage even in cases of rape and incest. >>> also the jobless rate falls to a five-year low. why some say now is the time to find a new job in this country. we'll talk about it on the other side of this break. this is msnbc. [ male announcer ] here's a question for you: if every u.s. home replaced one light bulb with a compact fluorescent bulb, the energy saved could light how many homes? 1 million? 2 million? 3 million? the answer is... 3 million homes. by 2030, investments in energy efficiency could help americans save $300 billion each year. take the energy quiz. energy lives here. life with crohn's disease ois a daily game of "what if's". what if my abdominal pain and cramps come back? what if the plane gets delayed? what if i can't hide my symptoms? what if? but what if the most important que
and your tax rates, they're paying a very low tax rate. >> i know. i covered that as a reporter for the l.a. examiner when i wasn't covering homicide. and i said, boy, the rich people get richer and richer. at that point, i was very involved in the unions. it was an early precursors to what happened. i led a wildcat strike once in my life. >> did you really? >> yes. i did. we got completely annihilated. >> you've done so many things. >> i was one of these protesters. you have to boycott jp stevens? i was wearing jp stevens clothes. everything i did was -- >> one man at a time. >> it was such a disaster. every time i got involved with unions, it was bad. you didn't want me in your union. >> let's get to pisani and see what's moving dow down 25. >> modest declines, moving 279% on that better than expected gdp report. electronic stocks, housing stocks getting hit more than the rest of the markets. gold getting crushed again today. mentioned the gold miners, five-year lows that we've seen recently. i want to take up your question this morning, jim. because i think that's the right question on
it fall short sometimes expectations of taxing its commitments to simplify customs procedures it can also add spaces they say economists. some one a tree in the us owes to the world economy. i kept going and going to study tells us more about it it's a milestone for the world trade organization. with talks turning into an extra game hundred and fifty nine members finally agreed on the first global trade deal since the wto is creation in nineteen ninety five for the first time in our history the wto has truly delivered we have achieved something very significant the owner of the world will benefit from the ekka to have delivered here today the clean and simple finds custom procedures maintains limited at the cultural subsidies and improves access for goods from the world's worst countries. over time analysts believe the deal could boost global trade by about one trillion dollars and create more than twenty million jobs mostly in developing nations. we have done here in cali is truly extraordinary. we have negotiated a package that will bring its own security to billions of goal scorers we
that was not paying taxes in america and using the old mantra no taxation without representation, i thought that i should get our try and get american citizenship. so i applied for small for a green card which it did not kid. and you have to wait five years once you get a green card. applying for citizenship. and i finally did that in 27 -- 2011. i was called to my interview there. there are things, into a bride in english. want to make sure you complete. but they turned general knowledge questions about america, the first of which i managed to screw up rarely did he simply wanted to know. and without thinking had plated of america the beautiful and the immigration officer said it will she was not what it is which is the star spangled banner, but i'm afraid that's one wrong. you've only got nine more chances. a distinct possibility vimy denied permission. and then was one man. complicated story helicon about. they have not talked to people to take the oath on the after deck of the u.s.s. constitution which is this wonderful sailing vessel, the oldest commission water should actually in the world.
have they been accounted for as a business expense? those flights? is the uk taxpayer funding a tax break for the transfer of stolen funds? -- files? >> you may not be familiar with the tax laws. i think we'll move on to the next -- >> i don't see -- >> order, mr. ellis. >> perhaps we must go to the courtroom in the 1930's. asking you questions. were you surprised at the amount of intelligence gathering which was revealed as a result of what snowden gave to your newspaper and other media outlets? >> i think many people are staggered by the amount of -- >> gave yourself, if i may interrupt, were you -- >> i was staggered. i think we all knew that the intelligence agencies collected a lot of data. and people are still trying to make out as though this data -- as though nothing has changed in the last 15 years since the laws were passed with a lot of analog laws that deal with the digital world. i think the last serious law that -- that was passed about any of this material was 2000, a time when facebook hasn't been invented, when google was doing the initial funding round. and we're p
and will this year as well. rabbi see taxes this year the combined will focus special attention on youth and technology something unique about this deal with the aim not just a bug in this country above above around the world. it's we have a special campaign the youth activity. it's a social media campaign the school to share the lights and dumb. you could if you go to facebook for such a delight to see the information. but if you take a picture of yourself if you're between the ages of thirteen of thirty five to take a picture of yourself with a menorah and tag yourself and then use that stuck shut the lights. you could win some fabulous prizes statistic it's around the world. xbox is a station that sector. in addition to holding the social media campaign the year the banksia that lets the whole deposit that with his family and helping the community. i'm soo the right to treat and one in london. the so one thousand supporters receipts for a golden dawn had gathered at parliament to protest the attainment of the party's leader and two additional lawmakers the crowd wait to read classics
losing the band on sunday shopping. part of the bitter arguments over how to ease up on taxes in france all still feeling the state's coffers. his dispute with the dresses were soon enough we'll be talking about. in the false and yet tod
and tax exemptions is can i help hundred thousand people with papa doesn't sound right till the time she in fact all of the population of likes and doesn't have a saying that since two thousand and eight iceland has actually come around for a long way. it has some free not simply be blind to cloak it was pretty much it is often the fast tillman a thorn in the whole financial crash and we had intense note that seeks to mind. haydn country's gdp which is pretty sound sank as stock market plunged ninety percent effaced and says any team at the family has unemployment act nineteen ninety five of us just to keep pete and i did what happens to the company sets up and set in sicily did say they decided to go against what the rest of europe was dating sinead paid off. can c win and sensible than suppressing they decide to stay in a few days. will the as well today may help some people constructing a bunch on holidays instead of using taxpayers' money came the compensation of about twenty years the media decided the ants into c and me enough that at some of the bank is in prison the one they noti
about the fear that they too had as a tax on the christian community in sight so that its contents. the news media allegedly showing another rev an attack on a christian site in syria. this is the nineteenth. also don't want extreme need damascus steel position justified do so with claims the government raceway using it as a firing position inside the rebel within reach of our eyes on the scientists of all people would report to the lead in the attack on fees kevin and inside was an anglican priest from syria he says christians are being used to scan and for that. in the conflict thousands and thousands hundreds of thousands wealth of christians where displaced from their homes. and the local full of christians with guilt which we hopped on the shelves. missing from my home and hope we don't know anything about them. now one of the attack on the island the christian community in cabo. the world is watching river did it because the christians in syria have been specifically targeted old just for the getting caught up and avoid the conflict was the big chair. i think the rba fuel was
the entire financial system or leave taxpayers at risk. dodd-frank prohibits the use of tax dollars. useequires that we will and the tools that the law provides. the largest financial companies have already submitted living wills or blueprints for how to unwind firms if they fail. regulators will require firms to rework these plans if they are not credible. if firms are not able to provide a credible plan, regulators can impose remedies, including requiring firms to divest or realign their businesses. -- realtors have ade clear -- and they are continuing to develop strategies and guidance for resolving major institutions with minimum disruption to the financial system. there is still more work to do, particularly to make sure that international rules mess with our own sins, as we know too well, financial crises do not respect national borders. while we will not know how well these tools work for certain until they are tested by a true crisis, several things are clear. dodd-frank ended too big to fail as a matter of law. tough rules are now in place to make sure that banks have the c
complain that we live off their tax money says on to that they would give this work week and earn our own money. in the vicinity apple was assisted chimes in on the texting for lazy but that's not true. we would like to work now. the vet the apartment is not just small it's also expensive. on drew's sister wants to move but she says their chances of finding a new place are slim because of their name their appearance and their accent. oh well. this apartment belongs to another room these profiting from their desperation. meaning that the owner's sister shows us the bathroom. it's the only place we can store anything she sets out that way. they are eleven the washing machine is also broken. that's all the family needs. yet unknown bring your mommy you know. this is the school nearest to the roman neighborhood. here are used to go here. it's a special school principal martinez said hello but has worked here for over twenty years. the evidence of an above average number of roma children and appeared because the school was so close to their homes. because of the schools don't consider the disa
of americans who shop online. how should items you buy on sites like amazon and ebay be taxed? that question is up in the air, after the supreme court refused monday to get involved in a dispute between states and online retailers. states want to force companies to collect sales taxes from you, even if they don't have a physical presence in your state. but now, it is up to congress to come up with a national solution. >>> and rescue crews in washington state hope to resume their search this morning for a mill worker missing since the grain silo you see here collapsed on monday. the worker is believed to be buried under tons of corn. >>> and a dramatic rescue at sea. new video this morning of a man who survived nearly three days underneath a capsized boat in the atlantic. divers stunned to find him alive. this is the view from the diver's camera. >> going on to the main deck. >> reporter: investigating the sinking of a chevron oil boat. they never imagined they would find survivors. >> coming out into the passageway. >> reporter: watch as they turn a coroner the water. >> should be walking on
they be regulated and taxed like a regular taxi commission? number was from leaked documents so it is not confirmed, but it is also a top line revenue number. you have to figure out what their cut is and how it slows down. the $20 million a week is hard to gauge. but the company is clearly making a lot of money and has done extraordinary things. ou and view this as peer to peer sharing, but i also view it ke lifestyle.i a whole generation of people are leaving college and coming into the job market and they are viewing their world and they are saying, hey, i don't actually need to own the assets my parents owned. i don't necessarily need to own an apartment. i can rent. i know people are moving from place to lace. -- place to place. same thing with uber. and same thing with bitcoin. the economy is being restructured and at this point it is hard to discern exactly what the role of government should be. government risk of overreaching -- look, i was on the stand against iker soft in the antitrust case and it is one of the things in my career that i regret because i think it was an attempt to overreac
example. a majority of voters think we should raise taxes on the wealthy to support the middle class and spur job creation. >> that is a part of this economic populism. it's what they're about. they're about 1% status quo. >> what warren is getting at and the subdebates is she sent this letter out challenging the six big banks, disclose all of yourks who are you funding think-tank wise? they haven't done that t. leaders of third way i think they said les than 1% of our funding comes from wall street. but what they were also left opened was the possibility that a lot of money comes from people who make their money on wall street. it's not directly coming. it is still in a way wall street money. >> what strikes me about the internal democratic debate versus the internal republican debate in washington is that the dewitt on the left seems much more substantive, right? there are genuine disagreements over policy that are taking place and shaping this debate. in walling, at least, it's more about tactics and strategy and how aggressive. they're shut down, for example. that wasn't a policy
the oakland hills looking across the bay toward the north bay. there's mount tax if you look real close, you can see our camera up there which right now is looking back out over the bay toward hercules, rodeo, where we have clear skies but the fog now fathering the coast and its forecast to push in for tonight so we'll have low clouds to start out the morning but then low clouds clear 8-10 and we'll see sunshine midday but then we have a storm coming in for the afternoon and evening that's going to increase the clouds once again and we'll see the chance for sprinkles, best chance is in the north bay tosanta rosa starting around 5:00 p.m. and it continues southbound through the rest of the night but just a few drops is all that's expected. this system will bring in much colder temperatures for the rest of the week that sorts tuesday, lock for gusty and cold north winds for the day temperatures dropping 5-10 degrees from monday to tuesday and it's going to be pretty frigid rest of the week especially in the morning hours. here is future cast temperatures, this is tomorrow afternoon so we're dr
? >>> taxing online sales. the supreme court has its say. >>> federal investigators are now looking at the black boxes of a train that derailed in new york city on sunday. they want to know what caused
. that is more like it. how are you with taxes? [ laughs ] [ counselor ] and for even more cleaning power, try cascade platinum. [ laughs ] she loves to shop online with her debit card. and so does bill, an identity thief who stole mary's identity, took over her bank accounts, and stole her hard-earned money. unfortunately, millions of americans just like you learn all it may take is a little misplaced information to wreak havoc on your life. this is identity theft. and no one helps stop it better than lifelock. lifelock offers the most comprehensive identity theft protection available. if mary had lifelock's bank account alerts, she may have been notified before it was too late. lifelock's credit notification service is on the job 24/7. as soon as they detect a threat to your identity within their network, they will alert you, protecting you before the damage is done. lifelock has the most comprehensive identity theft protection available, guarding your social security number, your money, your credit, even the equity in your home. my years as a prosecutor taught me that we all need to protect
... climate change... tax policy... the economy... iran... healthcare... ad guests on all sides of the debate. >> this is a right we should all have... >> it's just the way it is... >> there's something seriously wrong... >> there's been acrimony... >> the conservative ideal... >> it's an urgent need... and a host willing to ask the tough questions >> how do you explain it to yourself? and you'll get... the inside story ray suarez hosts inside story weekdays at 5 eastern only on al jazeera america >>> welcome back. the city of detroit is the now officially bankrupt. the questions on the mind of many city workers is what will happen to our pensions. it's not clear just yet. it's on the lips of many others who live in struggling municipalities around the country. already lessons to be learned from cities and towns and countries who have received pensions. it could offer clues. for example, rhode island, a community close to emerging from bankruptcy now but cut 25% of worker pensions. 20% can be slashed in the year 2016. retirees lost their healthcare benefits and their union protection in the p
, doug. >> we had tools that have been very successful. earned income tax credit is great track record moving people from non-work to work. it could be reformed. right now misses too many single men who don't have children. there are things we can do. this would be a bad idea. i think christian's point about, it sounds like a good idea is worthying hard about because take the fast-food workers. suppose we raise their wages to $15. that is going to show up in higher fast-food prices and by and large consumers of those goods are lower income americans. and seems like a strange antipoverty policy to take money out-of-pocket one poor person to put night the another. i admire the passion but doesn't add up. jenna: christian, it is interesting, one of the arguments against raising minimum wage some of these fast-food joints will turn to automation. we have some photos from a few decades ago from the auto mat. put a quarter in and get a meal and, you know one of the questions would we go back in that direction. what do you think doug has to say, we would be investing in the wrong place? it is
diplomats steal your tax dollars? by scamming the system to get medicaid benefits? there are brand new charges out today, and what until you hear what they're accused of buying with their own money while claiming to be broke. let's get to it. >> good thursday afternoon to you and yours. we're expecting to hear shortly from the attorney for the college football star jameis winston of florida state, after plattersed announced they will not be filing charges of rape against the star quarterback, citing a lack of evidence. a live look in tall -- tallahassee. the decision comes days for the heisman trophy. jameis winston is an odds-on favorite to win it. he is a major force for the seminoles, leading them to a number one ranking and a shot at the national championship if they can get past the acc championship against the fighting cut cliffs from duck this weekend. prosecutors just claimed jameis winston in a year-long rape investigation. >>> now to that stolen truck in mexico. packed with a dangerous radioactive material. a scientist with the nuclear commission says whoever removed the mate
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